Tennessee Nightlife

Tennessee is a state full of wonderful cities, like Nashville and Memphis. If you plan on visiting this great state, or you already reside within it, perhaps you are interested in learning about where to get a beer or dance the night away. In this article, we will discuss Tennessee night life.

1. The Half Barrel (Knoxville)

In Knoxville, Tennessee, there is a wonderful little place to score a drink and unwind after a long day. This venue is called The Half Barrel. This location is proud to have one of the biggest selections of bourbon and whiskey outside of the state of Kentucky. With over 40 beers that are featured on tap, and American cuisine served to hungry patrons, The Half Barrel is definitely a great place to visit.

2. Purple Haze Nightclub (Memphis)

Purple Haze is a nightclub located within Memphis, Tennessee. Covering over 5,000 square feet, Purple Haze provides an excellent venue to dance, mingle, and eat delicious food. They’re open each day of the week, and don’t close until 5:00 AM, so if you’re feeling like getting your groove on, get yourself down to the Purple Haze Nightclub when in the city of Memphis.

3. The Acoustic Coffeehouse (Johnson City)

Nestled within Johnson City, in east Tennessee, is the Acoustic Coffeehouse. With an atmosphere that is chill and laid back, you can rest after a busy day at the office, enjoy a cup of coffee, and listen to the live music being played. Service and staff is friendly and welcoming, and with over twenty beers available on tap, the Acoustic Coffeehouse is a fantastic place to stop by when in Johnson City, Tennessee.

4. Skull’s Rainbow Room (Nashville)

Skull’s Rainbow Room, located within Nashville, Tennessee, is a great place to stop by if you enjoy an old-timey theme, and burlesque dancing. This location serves delicious American food and drinks, and the atmosphere simply cannot be topped.

In conclusion, Tennessee is a state with a great many cities spread from the west to the east. If you happen to be staying in one of these cities, there is a nightlife venue that will suit you and your taste. Get a delicious beer and burger in Knoxville. Dance the night away in Memphis. Grab a coffee in Johnson City, and watch a nightly burlesque performance in Nashville. Once you do, you’ll agree with us when we say Tennessee nightlife can’t be beat!